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Music Can Help You Heal Faster

By India Taylor

     Ancient cultures had something fascinating in common – many of them believed music had “godlike” power. Some even worshipped gods of music. We can understand why. Music has transcendent power that reaches the whole being. Transformation begins immediately as music harmonizes the emotions, then emotional harmony soothes the subconscious, which contains the legendary power of the mind to create and maintain the health we seek.

     What’s more, music we listen to repeatedly becomes a part of the soundtrack of our lives. This offers us an opportunity: A conscious being can choose the track that is currently playing … one that will empower their dreams and adventures, their peace and healing, their work and play.

     Songs with healing lyrics are especially powerful. The music gives more influence to the words, helping you absorb them. Studies show that endorphins, natural feel-good chemicals, are released in the brain when we hear songs we like. Then the affirmative words, transported on the wings of enjoyment, bypass the conscious mind.

     Listeners feel emotional well being quickly because positive lyrics focus our scattered attention, while the beat focuses the body on celebration. Many experience peace, even happiness. When peace and happiness sing in the subconscious, they harmonize other areas of your experience. While music should not replace your other therapies, many people find repeated listening empowers them to create the changes they choose in their lives.

     Science supports this. A hospital system in India reports that stress hormone levels drop in half when patients hear soothing songs. Healing music lowers blood pressure and raises recovery levels for countless conditions of the body and mind, per The American Music Therapy Association. It decreases anxiety, the need for pain meds, and the length of hospital stays. According to psychology expert Jeanette Bicknell, Ph.D., people get the best results with “music expressing contentment.”

     It’s good for healthy people too. As you listen you de-stress, raise your vibration, and strengthen your feelings of peace and freedom. Just as the Hopi god Kokopelli used his mythic flute to banish winter and bring forth spring, you can use the legendary power of music to thrive.

     This article isn’t about subliminal music, which certainly has its place among therapies. As a musical artist, I believe our human spirit is too soulful to keep beautiful words and positive affirmations subliminal. Ancient people sang out loud and celebrated, and I like to raise people’s good energy in the same way.

     An example, used by massage therapists, yoga studios, and even cancer patients, is my song “Sanctuary.” It creates a sacred space wherever you are with soothing words that begin: “I just left my thoughts at the gate. The details of life can wait.” The chorus affirms, “This place is a sanctuary though it may seem ordinary. Candles burn bright within the sacred space I’m in, this place where I begin to breathe again.” The lyrics are enhanced by wind chimes and soft guitars. Some of my songs are quiet like this, and others joyfully rock, depending on the words.

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